Lake Clarke Rescue, Inc.

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Apparatus and Station 60


Lake Clarke Rescue, Inc.

Boat 601

1968 Boston Whaler Boat

with a 75 hp. Mariner Motor, GPS Unit, 2 Mobile Radios, Spot Lights, Emergency Lighting,

Trailer and various Water Rescue Equipment.

BOAT 602

2012 JS Spirit Custom Rescue Pontoon Boat

with a 115 hp. Mercury Motor, 2 Mobile Radios, GPS Unit, Scene Lights, Emergency Lighting, a Spot Light,

a 2000 lb. Rescue Crane, a Portable Trash Pump, Fire Hose, Rope, a BackBoard, EMS Equipment,

a Stokes Basket with lifting harness, a Trailer and various Water Rescue Equipment.


(2) 2006 Achilles Inflatable Boats

with 25 hp. Murcury Motors and Misc. Water Rescue Gear.

Trailer 60

2006 Carmate Customized Trailer

with Tri-Pod Lights and Misc. Water Rescue Gear.


1991 Ford F350 4x4 Walk In Rescue

with a front mounted Winch, Scene Lights, 2 Portable Generators, 1 Portable Trash Pump,

Fire Extinguishers, Dry Suits, Water Rescue PFDs, Rope, 2-2000 lb. Under Water Lift Bags,

a Rope Gun, 2 Nite Vision Goggles, 2 Hand Held GPS Units, a Gas Meter, Forceable Entry Tools,

a Chain Saw, Ice Rescue Equip., Portable Radios, Dive Equipment, a Stokes Basket, Backboard,

EMS Equipment, and various other Water Rescue Equipment.


1989 Ford F350XL Ambulance/Utility

with various Water Rescue Equipment to include Dry Suits, Wet Suits, PFDs, Rope,

a Stokes Basket, EMS Equipment and various Hand Tools.

(Utility 60 is currently Out of Service and looking to be replaced in the near future.) 

Boat 60

Station 60 Row Boat


Shore Land'r Utility Trailer

used for carrying extra equipment or for carrying an Inflatable Boat.


Station 60 houses all of Lake Clarke Rescues' Equipment and serves as our primary home with a crew Office and Social Area.

Station 60 is located at 1838 Long Level Rd., Wrightsville, PA  17368 in York County, PA.


Dock 60 is a Customized 1967 Pontoon Dock that is located in the Susquehanna River

on Lake Clarke across the street from Station 60.

Dock 60 is in the water during the summer months and is the home to Boat 602 during the summer months

to provide for a quicker response to River Calls within the area.